Discounts and Deals

New Subscriber Discount - 15%

To receive this discount, simply subscribe at the bottom of our main page. You will receive the 1st email asking you to confirm the subscription, then a 2nd email with the discount code will be sent to you. Sometimes the emails would fall under Promotions or Spam, or even get blocked by some email servers. If you have trouble receiving it, please email us and we'd be happy to help.


Welcome Back Discount - 10%

If you have shopped with us, you would have received a 10% off discount code you can use on all of your future purchases. This is a lifetime discount you will receive from us.


VIP New Items Discount - 15%

If you have already subscribed to us, every time when we list new items, you will receive an e-catalog with a 15% off discount code. You will have 3 days after receiving that email to enjoy 15% off all the new items. 


Free Mystery Pack 

For every £30 you spend with us, you will receive a 10-seed mystery pack.


Discounted or Free Shipping

According to the amount you spend, you might be qualified for discounted or free shipping. All shipping costs will be calculated at check out.