Have you tested your own seeds?

Yes! For every type of seeds, we test them before selling. We also grow our own succulents using the exact same seeds we sell.

I have never grown succulents from seeds before, will you help me?

Yes! All customers who order succulent seeds will received a link to download our E-instructions on how to sow the seeds. The link will be sent out automatically once we have posted your order and updated the shipping info.


Will you label all the seeds and package them well?

Yes! All seed packets are labeled and packed using double-layered environmental-friendly paper. All seeds will be mailed in a large letter box, not an envelope, to prevent seeds from being crushed on the way to their new home.


Are succulents easy to grow?

This is a very subjective question and we can only speak from our own experience. It is pretty much like growing anything from seeds, as long as they are in the right environment, they germinate. But also like all seeds, not every single one of them will germinate. Most of the time we successfully germinate and bring up succulents, however, we also have a few not so successful ones. Growing plants is always a learning curve, and you can never be perfect at it. 


How long does it take succulents to grow?

This again depends on how you take care of them, what environment they grow in and when you sow the seeds. But generally speaking, for succulents to grow to 3-4cm after germinating, it could take 5-9 months.


More questions?

Feel free to get in touch using the "Contact Us" form and we'll add your questions onto here for future customers.